Fuck Matt Gaetz.

Yeah, that guy. Fuck him.

Matt Gaetz is the worst.

It’s not just bullying teenagers and activists on Twitter/TikTok (yep, he did that), or making pathetic comments about who wants to impregnate whom, or generally being an asshole to women always.

At a Turning Point USA conference Saturday, Gaetz told a crowd of young people that women who support abortion rights are those with the “least likelihood of getting pregnant” because of their looks.

“They’re like 5’2, 350 pounds and they’re like ‘give me my abortions or I’ll get up and march and protest’ and I’m thinking: ‘March? You look like you got ankles weaker than the legal reasoning behind Roe vs. Wade,’” Gaetz said. 

USA Today

Rapey McForehead (evidence photos below) who has no kids, pays girls and boys for sex (some of whom were allegedly underage, but we’ll get to that), thinks pro-choice women are fat, ugly, and “look like toes.”

This is his OFFICIAL congressional photo, btw:

Yeah, who looks like a toe now

Gaetz even made a dig about abortion activists being mostly “over-educated millennials who like cats,” an apparent jab at his opponent, who has a Ph.D. in science (she got the last laugh, it appears, by selling shirts with that on it). BTW, totally support his opponent RIGHT FREAKING NOW! CLICK HERE!

It’s not just the not-at-all-creepy thing going on with his teenage “son” he “adopted” (but never adopted) who was the younger sibling of his much younger “girlfriend” whose parents lived in Florida but just kinda let this single, adult man hang out with their underage teenage boy…

It’s not just the creepy ass voicemail he left other state representatives with his “wingman” Joel Greenberg.

It’s not just the SEX TRAFFICKING INVESTIGATION THE FBI HAS GOING ON HIM. I mean for fuck sakes, people.

It’s not just that he’s a drug addict, a drunk, a drunk driver, a millionaire, besties with that other asshole Ron DeSantis (or did they break up?), AGAIN UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR FREAKING SEX TRAFFICKING CHILDREN….

Or that he made fun of diabetics and said instead of making insulin affordable they should all lose weight or die….

Or that he CONSTANTLY whines and complains to our military leaders, disrespects our military, and spits in the faces of our veterans…

Or that he pulled this bullshit…

Or that he “joked” about blowing shit up at the Capitol AFTER THE INSURRECTION!

And joked about using ANYTHING for target practice because bitch knows he’s never shot a gun and there’s proof in how he looks like he’s about to piss his pants in his little vacay to the border (which he thought made him look tough apparently because he uploaded it himself):

Or that he apparently has been in love with Hunter Biden for YEARS because he cannot get the guy’s name out of his mouth even though LITERALLY NO ONE CARES:


No, it’s not JUST all of that.

It’s all of that AND MORE.

So Fuck Matt Gaetz.



Gaetz has one solid opponent, scientist and Florida hero Rebekah Jones (the woman who stood up to DeSantis over COVID-19 lies and got fired and raided for it).

Fivethirtyeight.com gives Jones better odds of beating Gaetz than most of the other headline races, like Demmings vs Rubio, Flowers vs Greene, etc.

You should DONATE to her campaign and share her website like crazy on Twitter since DeSantis twitter bots and trolls had her banned there (and report/block the trolls who show up to heckle you for it – holy shit it was almost instantaneous and I wonder how much Matt Gaetz is paying for THAT operation).

Let’s get this pedo out of office!

Join our Fuck Matt Gaetz club by tagging #FuckMattGaetz on your posts on Twitter, TikTok and Insta.


About this site:

Just a guy who wants to see Matt Gaetz get fucked. Not endorsed by any candidate/committee/etc. Not taking anyone’s money, just want you to vote this fuck out and send his opponent lots of money.


Two days after launching this site we’ve gotten thousands of views!!!

We’ve also learned more about the mountain of dirt on this guy. Feel free to add anything not mentioned in this post down in the comments (with links/screenshots – no rumors, just facts).

36 responses to “Fuck Matt Gaetz.”

  1. Sorry the election didn’t go the way we wanted it to. Thanks to all that voted against this guy!!!


  2. Hi Rebekah


  3. Hopefully Matt Gaetz will end up at ADX Florence when he loses the election 🗳 for sedition and child sex trafficking


  4. Mike S Goodmann Avatar

    Just another Jeffrey Epstein or Bill Clinton!


  5. LMAOOO Rebekah, this site is hysterical! Great job!!


  6. Who’s doing the most to get Matt Gaetz re-elected right now? Matt Gaetz, Donald Trump, or Peggy Schiller?


    1. fo real. wtf is wrong with the democrat party. y arnt they banning that shill woman for life


      1. For speaking the truth?


  7. These genz kids needs to help Rebekah beat this SOB or he’ll still be making laws they have to live under next year.


  8. Terrence Brown Avatar
    Terrence Brown

    Can you do this for all the members of the treason caucus? Boebert, Greene, Hawley… Asking for a nation


  9. I would love if some of the money @Olivia Julianna raised would go toward your campaign since you’re running against him. I’m happy they’ve raised so much for Gen Z For Change, but if none of that is going to help us actually beat Gaetz then it’s not going to change things.


  10. How do we know who will actually be running against Rapey McForehead? We haven’t even had our primaries yet in FL.


    1. Is that a joke? Lol.

      This is his opponent:



      1. Are you a moron? There’s a Dem primary first, and more than one Dem running.


        1. I call it like it is Avatar
          I call it like it is

          No there aint. Get out of here with that bullshit. Go suck Gaetz dick with that shit.
          Some ghost candidate from another part of the state isn’t a candidate. Should be thanking baby fucking Jesus the National Treasure that Jones is chose that backwards ass place to run cause she could’ve run anywhere and walked right the fuck in but decided to fight this fuck instead and you fucks need to show some fucking respect n gratitude

          MODERATOR: delete this assholes comment for being an ignorant shithead or shill for Matt Gaetz


  11. Name’s Gary, anonymous from Altomonte Springs, but hellz yes we support Rebekah and I asked for her help cause she’s a badass mf who is going to help Matt Gaetz get fucked!


  12. Our tax dollars pay this unless pile of flesh to do nothing in DC but waste time and space with his drama, it’s time for him to go. Vote for Rebekah Jones she will actually do the Job.


  13. Hey, remember that time Matt Gary’s had suspicious connections with the bill that blocked public beach access only in the panhandle of Florida and nowhere else? Conveniently in front of the private homes of his rich Republican buddies?



  14. This is great. And the yellow background is great. I just wrote a blog comparing Rasputin and Epstein to Matt lucky sperm Gaetz.


  15. More of this please


  16. I thoroughly enjoyed publicly embarrassing him at a town hall a few years ago… this cunt is overdue for receiving prison sodomy… then again he looks like a bottom anyway…

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Crys the concerned constituent Avatar
    Crys the concerned constituent

    I’m sharing this gem EVERY WHERE! I also reported all his social media profiles and individual post for bullying and harassment and encourage other to do so as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  18. The FBI investigation taking so long makes me suspect that they’re finding a lot of stuff on Matt, and it’s BAD


  19. dr_hugh_jass@yahoo.com Avatar

    im sending this to evryone i kno


  20. Do you guys sell merch???? I want a t-shirt that says FUCK MATT GAETZ, aka Rapey McForehead


  21. How does a cretin like that even get elected to begin with????


    1. His daddy is rich and well connected


      1. Then we need to fill the bank account of the woman running against him


        1. amen


  22. Matt Gates is fat and ugly Avatar
    Matt Gates is fat and ugly

    Ermagod how does such an ugly man make such repugnant comments when he’s running against that woman??? She’s GORGEOUS. He’s FUGLY


  23. Scott from Arizona Avatar
    Scott from Arizona

    Just donated to Jones! Hopefully she can kick his ass like she kicked DeSantis’!


  24. Rapey McForehead. I’m dead. lol


  25. Rapey McForehead Avatar
    Rapey McForehead

    Rapey McForehead. I’m dead. OMFG.


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