Fuck Matt Gaetz

Yeah, that guy. Fuck him.

Matt Gaetz is the worst.

It’s not just bullying teenagers on Twitter/TikTok (yep, he did that), or making pathetic comments about who wants to impregnate whom, or generally being an asshole to women always.

Rapey McForehead (evidence photos below) who has no kids, pays girls and boys for sex (some of whom were allegedly underage, but we’ll get to that), thinks pro-choice women are fat, ugly, and “look like thumbs.”

This is his OFFICIAL congressional photo, btw:

Yeah, who looks like a toe now

Gaetz even made a dig about abortion activists being mostly “over-educated millennials who like cats,” an apparent jab at his opponent, who has a Ph.D. in science (she got the last laugh, it appears, by selling shirts with that on it). BTW, totally support his opponent RIGHT FREAKING NOW! CLICK HERE!

It’s not just the not-at-all-creepy thing going on with his teenage “son” he “adopted” (but never adopted) who was the younger sibling of his much younger “girlfriend” whose parents lived in Florida but just kinda let this single, adult man hang out with their underage teenage boy…

It’s not just the creepy ass voicemail he left other state representatives with his “wingman” Joel Greenberg.

It’s not just the SEX TRAFFICKING INVESTIGATION THE FBI HAS GOING ON HIM. I mean for fuck sakes, people.

It’s not just that he’s a drug addict, a drunk, a drunk driver, a millionaire, besties with that other asshole Ron DeSantis (or did they break up?), AGAIN UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR FREAKING SEX TRAFFICKING CHILDREN….

Or that he made fun of diabetics and said instead of making insulin affordable they should all lose weight or die….

Or that he CONSTANTLY whines and complains to our military leaders, disrespects our military, and spits in the faces of our veterans…

Or that he pulled this bullshit…

Or that he “joked” about blowing shit up at the Capitol AFTER THE INSURRECTION!

And joked about using ANYTHING for target practice because bitch knows he’s never shot a gun and there’s proof in how he looks like he’s about to piss his pants in his little vacay to the border (which he thought made him look tough apparently because he uploaded it himself):

Or that he apparently has been in love with Hunter Biden for YEARS because he cannot get the guy’s name out of his mouth even though LITERALLY NO ONE CARES:

No, it’s not JUST all of that.

It’s all of that AND MORE.

Two days after launching this site we’ve gotten thousands of views!!!

We’ve also learned more about the mountain of dirt on this guy. Feel free to add anything NOT mentioned in this post down in the comments (with links/screenshots – no rumors, just facts).


Gaetz has one solid opponent, scientist and Florida hero Rebekah Jones (the woman who stood up to DeSantis over COVID-19 lies and got fired and raided for it).

Fivethirtyeight.com gives Jones better odds of beating Gaetz than most of the other headline races, like Demmings vs Rubio, Flowers vs Greene, etc.

You should DONATE to her campaign and share her website like crazy on Twitter since DeSantis twitter bots and trolls had her banned there (and report/block the trolls who show up to heckle you for it – holy shit it was almost instantaneous and I wonder how much Matt Gaetz is paying for THAT operation).

Let’s get this pedo out of office!

Join our Fuck Matt Gaetz club by tagging #FuckMattGaetz on your posts on Twitter, TikTok and Insta.


About this site:

Just a guy who wants to see Matt Gaetz get fucked. Not endorsed by any candidate/committee/etc. Not taking anyone’s money, just want you to vote this fuck out and send his opponent lots of money.

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